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Practice Makes Permanent


Practice Makes Permanent

by Elise
Practicing is a big part of being a human. We must complete repetitive tasks to strengthen our skills and become more efficient and precise.  This is true for any occupation, sport, or hobby.  A quarterback practices passing, moving in the pocket, calling audibles, recognizing defensive positioning, and a number of other things. Today I will go over some practice techniques that will help you... View More

Rent vs. Buy

by Adam
Why should I rent instead of just buying the instrument? Won’t it be more expensive to rent? I don’t want to be locked into a contract. These are all common objections we here at Music & Arts Center’s Corona location, let’s tackle them one at a time. Why should I Rent instead of Buying? The short answer is that kids have a tendency to change their minds on a dime. When you rent with Music & Arts... View More

Starting your in home recording adventure By James L Swearingen

by James
In most situations people want to head down to their local music store and purchase stuff they’re not sure they’ll need to get themselves started. The somewhat usual result is being sold on something you didn’t need or buying something you don’t know how to operate. In this article I’m going to explain a simple home set up process using equipment you can find at any Music and... View More

Why you need Lessons

by Adam
Why would I take Lessons? I can just learn online watching YouTube videos, can’t I?  This is the most common question we hear in our music stores these days. The Digital Age has come and you can access almost anything with a Cellphone or Wifi Connection, has the age of Face to Face lessons become a thing of the past? Well, thankfully no!  We find that you can learn some by teaching yourself... View More

When to Replace Your Guitar Strings!

by Adam
How do you know if you need to change your Guitar Strings? What kind of strings do you need for your guitar? Here are some tell-tale signs on when you should change your strings and what kinds of strings you might need.   Strings will begin to look dirty when they need to be changed.  The metal will oxidize from the dust, dirt and oils from your hands and start to sound dull when strummed. Another... View More