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Lesson Open House Extravaganza


Lesson Open House Extravaganza

by Steven
It’s no secret that it can be scary to think about taking classes during your summer vacation, it’s supposed to be your time to goof off and have fun! Luckily, our music lessons are designed in a way where they don’t feel like a class, but more of a one-on-one teaching experience! However, even that might strike up some anxiety for a few folks. Even then, you’re still in luck! We... View More

Memorial Day Blowout!

by John
School's out and summer fun has just begun! Make sure to stop by and take advantage of up to 20% off your purchases to start your summer off right! It's never too early to start stocking up for next year! While you're in the store, check out our lesson teachers. Doing lessons will give you that boost you might need to make first chair or the confidence to play in front of other people. View More

We Love Our Winter Visitors!

by John
Attention Winter Visitors!   It’s finally that time again… Time to migrate south and enjoy our beautiful Mesa AZ weather! What better way to enjoy one of our gorgeous sunsets than with an acoustic guitar in hand and some good company to enjoy it with. There is only one problem… You go to pull out your old trusty acoustic guitar that you left here during the summer and are... View More

Giving the Gift of Music

by Steven
What’s a better gift to give to a young person than a passion that will last them for the rest of their lives? You should never discount the joy that music can bring to someone- be they young or old, we will however happily get you the best deal possible on the instruments that will instill that passion in the person you care about. Between the coming week of Black Friday and our everyday low prices,... View More

Drum Heads

by Jason
Hello today I am going to tell you when it would be a good idea to change your drum heads and what kind of head to buy. It is usually a good idea to replace you heads when you notice divots or when you notice any cracks in the head. Another less noticeable way to tell if you need new heads is if you notice that the heads sound dampened and are not resonating as long as they used too. This is a sign that... View More