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Drum Heads


Drum Heads

by Jason
Hello today I am going to tell you when it would be a good idea to change your drum heads and what kind of head to buy. It is usually a good idea to replace you heads when you notice divots or when you notice any cracks in the head. Another less noticeable way to tell if you need new heads is if you notice that the heads sound dampened and are not resonating as long as they used too. This is a sign that the heads have cracked and are at the end of their life cycle and need to be replaced.
Next lets talk about what kind of drum head you should purchase. Now this does depend on personal preference. For instance if you prefer a very loud percussive sound then you would probably prefer a 2-ply head or a coated head. Where as is you prefer your drum to ring out and have a good amount of sustain and ring out with a clear tone than a single ply head is what you are looking for. If you prefer something in the middle we can help you as well like a single ply with a gel or ring mute. Please come talk to me to customize your heads.