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Giving the Gift of Music


Giving the Gift of Music

by Steven

What’s a better gift to give to a young person than a passion that will last them for the rest of their lives? You should never discount the joy that music can bring to someone- be they young or old, we will however happily get you the best deal possible on the instruments that will instill that passion in the person you care about.

Between the coming week of Black Friday and our everyday low prices, we are more than happy to help you get the right instrument for a loved one here at Music & Arts – from guitars to violins to pianos we have everything the budding musician could need to get started and keep going as they advance their knowledge and skills in music. We also offer lessons to help get musicians get started on the right for or to help a veteran player refine their skills to a more precise degree.  Ask us about our Lesson Open House on January 6th! It’s a great opportunity for folks to see if learning guitar is something that would interest them, it’s also free of charge so there’s no risk for you! Even if you don’t own a guitar yet we’d be more than happy to loan you one of ours for the class, just to try it out!

Whatever your needs are, if it’s a musical instrument we can and will do everything we can do get it working and get the player playing! We also host an open mic the second Friday of each month, so if you’re looking for a place to come and meet other musicians or just jam out, you’ve found the right place!