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We Love Our Winter Visitors!


We Love Our Winter Visitors!

by John

Attention Winter Visitors!


It’s finally that time again…

Time to migrate south and enjoy our beautiful Mesa AZ weather! What better way to enjoy one of our gorgeous sunsets than with an acoustic guitar in hand and some good company to enjoy it with.

There is only one problem…

You go to pull out your old trusty acoustic guitar that you left here during the summer and are saddened to find the neck to be warped beyond playability. Don’t play guitar? How about an expensive violin or fiddle? Banjo? Mandolin?



There is a simple, inexpensive solution for this all too common of a problem. Provided that you have a decent case for your instrument (if not we will happily purvey an excellent case for you), you just need a humidification system to keep the ambient moisture from fluctuating so drastically. Come check out a few good options that we have available in store.

Any wooden instrument is an easy victim for our violently hot and dry summers. While our climate is beyond ideal for most of the year, the summer months can be exceptionally brutal, and it is that rapid/drastic change in climate that affects your wooden instrument. The wood swells and contracts, (far more than it really should) and you’re left with a costly repair or set up bill, not to mention that added checked bag charge for your departure when you have to head out and don’t feel comfortable leaving it here.