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How Is Your String Instrument?


How Is Your String Instrument?

by Chris

Does the constant weather change have your instrument in a constant state of being out of tune? I have some tips for you!!

  1. Make sure you practice your instrument every day. The instrument being constantly used will be sure to keep the pegs working and the strings stretched to where they are supposed to be!

  2. If you do not know how to tune your instrument, make sure to ask your private teacher or your school teacher to help you when you get to school. They would be more than happy to tune your instrument!

  3. DON’T KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENT AT SCHOOL!! The worst thing for the instrument is for it to sit in your locker all week or all weekend. Schools turn off the heat to save energy at night and on weekends. The constant change will cause confusion to the instrument! Bring it home, you should be practicing anyways!

  4. When you bring your instrument home, make sure your instrument is kept at a consistent temperature! You may also want to ask your parents to purchase you a humidifier for your instrument case

    1. The humidifier we recommend fits right into the instruments ‘f’ hole. They are called Dampits and they come in four different sizes; violin, viola, cello, and bass.

    2. I would also recommend a ‘Hygrometer’ it will help you keep track of the temperature and humidity of your string instrument. During the summer heat this could be an issue. It is actually quite small and it will fit in any size instrument case! The one I recommend is made by D’Addario and it is called “Planet Waves Humidity and Temperature Sensor.

  5. Keeping your instrument at a constant temperature and humidity will also keep the instrument from cracking or sounding funky!

I hope these few tips help in keeping you instrument as good as new during this crazy winter season.

Feel free to drop by if you have any questions!

-The Federal Way Music & Arts Team