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Returning that rental instrument? Let's think about that...


Returning that rental instrument? Let's think about that...

by Gary
So many people think they have to return their instrument at the end of the school year, but that's not required at all. First off, if you return that instrument you lose all your rental equity. Many people don't even realize they've been building up rental credit that can be used to purchase a student-level instrument. Sometimes rental credit can even be used towards intermediate-level instruments.... View More

Holiday Shopping

by Gary
So, this holday season have you thought about where you're going to get those gifts? Are you going to simply do your shopping online or are you going to actually go into a store and make your purchases? Sure, you might think it would be more convenient to shop online and maybe even get some discounts that aren't advertised at the store level. However, I would suggest that mat not be the case. When... View More

Teachers Needed for Teaching Opportunities

by Gary
There are many of you that come into our location and tell us about your wonderful students and the upcoming recitals you are about it have! A lot of people rent out studios have or have their studios in the home but we are extending an invite to teach at our location here in Glendale.We offer special discounts for teachers on print and accessories but we also offer performance opportunities for all our... View More

There's a new kid in town!

by Gary
Kid?... Okay... maybe not. But there's a new... old guy, anyway. My name is Gary Gordon and I'm the new manager at Music & Arts in Glendale. I've been working at the East Mesa Music & Arts for the past five years, but I'm very excited to be back in this area. I managed to Guitar and Keyboard City store on Bell Road for many years and am happy to now see faces I haven't seen for a long while. It's... View More