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Free Trial Lesson!


Free Trial Lesson!

by Dejon

Welcome back to school!! I know times are different now and things have changed. We here at Music and Arts have came up with new and exciting ways to try to accomadate all of our new students that are coming into music/band during this pandemic! I know being at home or not having access as much to your teachers can provide some challenges, but what we are doing will benefit you all! 

We are offering a great deal were we will wave your registration sign up and you also get to save money off your first full month of private one on one lessons!! Along with that, we are giving you a free trial lesson before; which allows you to learn a little more about your instrument, and the instructor in the scheduled time.

This is a great opportunity that will help your students achieve your goals as you go further along in music!

Reach us at our store 704-992-0225, or you can request a lesson here on our website. We'd also love if you'd choose to stop by in store and our store hours are 11-8pm Mon-Fri, Sat 10-5pm, and Sun 12-5pm.

Have a great day, and we look forward to hearing from you!