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Did You Miss String Showcase?


Did You Miss String Showcase?

by Oriana


Even though you missed out on String Showcase on April 29th, we are still hosting our Upgrade Your Sound Event until May 27th! That means we still have opportunities to come in and test out intermediate and professional level instruments. We still have opportunities to take advantage of utilizing some, if not all, of your rental credit! We still have opportunities to take advantage of 10% off $199 or higher (on non-promo items) for those who are not renting an instrument. We EVEN still have 0% financing for 18 MONTHS with $0 DOWN!

YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Take advantage of Upgrade Your Sound Promos such as:

10% off a purchase of $199 or higher (on non-promo items)

0% financing for 18 months with $0 down

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by your favorite Lawrenceville Music & Arts today and take advantage of these sales! They won't be here for much longer!