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Now Hiring: Piano & Vocal Teacher


Now Hiring: Piano & Vocal Teacher

by Oriana

Attention All Teachers!

Are you a piano and vocal teacher? Do you know someone who is? Are you or that teacher friend of yours looking to pick up another teaching day? Well, do we have the position for you!

Here at Music & Arts, we are the nation's largest lesson providers. We teacher well over a million lessons a year. At the Lawrenceville location specifically, we teach about 200 lessons a week! Yes, you read that right! The benefits of teaching at Music & Arts include:

-Setting your own rates

-Teaching from your own curriculum

-Customized assortment of instruments and accessories

-Workwith students in clean and safe studios

-Focus on teaching - Music & Arts manages all administrative tasks

-Easily schedule studio recitals and student performances with friendly store staff

-Quickly access books and teaching aids right outside your studio

-Receive 5% commission on student instrument sales

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 770-277-7300 or email us at You can apply now by sending your resume to