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    • Brittany
    • Instructor - South Hill, Bellevue , Renton , Bothell
      Areas of Instruction: Piano, Voice
    • Hi! My name’s Brittany! I currently hold a degree in Vocal Performance with a minor in Theatre, and have an extended study in piano and language from Northern Arizona University. I have over 15 years of experience teaching private...
    • Chris
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Piano, Voice
    • Hello everyone! My name is Chris Azcueta, and I teach piano and voice lessons in the Renton Music & Arts. I am a Filipino American, and a music lover. I currently hold a bachelor's degree in choral music education from Central Washington University....
    • Daniel Wang
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Piano, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Music Theory
    • Hi there! My name is Daniel Wang. I’ve studied violin and piano from the age of 7 under private teachers, reaching experienced levels with both. In addition, I’ve also dabbled in guitar, viola, and just about any instrument I can get my...
    • Ethan Olinger
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation, Ukulele
    • Hello! My name is Ethan Olinger and I have been playing the guitar for 14 years. I have been teaching guitar, bass and ukulele now for 7 years. I teach all levels of students from the absolute beginner to advanced guitarists looking to hone their skills....
    • George Stone
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Guitar
    • 7-string jazz guitarist, George Stone, performs regularly in the Northwestin a variety of settings and venues with a number of Seattle area musicians.He became interested in guitar as a teenager, and in his 20's studiedclassical guitar. He has become...
    • Joanne Corr
    • Instructor - Renton, Issaquah
      Areas of Instruction: Clarinet, Piano
      Languages Spoken: Chinese
    • Joanne has been teaching clarinet and piano for over 20 years. During those years, she had opportunities to perform at the intermission of San Francisco Ballet, the San Francisco Mozart Summer Festival, and make recordings with the Watchtower Society...
    • Jonathan Rexroth
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Violin
    • Hi! My name is Jay Rexroth and I have been teaching music lessons for about 12 years. I grew up on a small-town farm in Auburn, Indiana and my parents had eight children. My four older siblings and three younger siblings all started playing violin and...
    • Jordon
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe
    • Jordan Ruwe has been playing music for over fifty years. Twenty six of those years he has devoted to teaching music. His greatest love is jazz. He has books published on jazz saxophone theory and technique. These can be found among the titles of Houston...
    • Margaret Laird
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Piano
    • Maggie Laird is a vocalist, pianist, and award-winning songwriter living on Vashon Island. She and her band perform festivals, nightclubs, theatres and cafes in the greater Northwest including venues in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Eugene. As an instructor...
    • Max
    • Instructor - Kent, Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Guitar, Bass Guitar
      Languages Spoken: Japanese
    • I am very proud to have been born and raised on the lovely island of Guam! I have experience teaching a variety of styles to students of all ages; beginner students are welcome! I strive to make my lessons personalized, funnnn, and at a comfortable pace....
    • Mr. McNabb
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Piano, Music Theory
    • I have been actively involved in the world of music for as long as I can remember, and am enthused by the prospect of sharing this aspect of life with others. Having been at the piano for twenty years, with the added benefit of ten plus years of choir...
    • Reid Immel
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Drum Set, Percussion, Music Theory
    • Reid Immel is a drummer, musician and educator based out of the Pacific Northwest. He is currently residing in Seattle, Washington, where he works as a session musician, runs group classes and teaches drumming to his students. He graduated with a B.A....
    • Richard G.
    • Retail Manager - N - Renton
    • How would we define a world without music in it? A question I'm glad to not know the answer to. I relish the opportunity to get music into the ears, hearts and hands of those who are curious enough to answer the call of this wonderful world of sound....
    • Robert Gale
    • Instructor - Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Trumpet, Trombone
    • Hi, my name is Robert Gale. I have Music Degrees from Northern Illinois University and Western Washington University. My instructors have included Fred Sautter (Oregon Symphony), Ron Modell (Northern Illinois University), Claude Gordon, Arnold Jacobs,...
    • Sarah
    • Instructor - Kent, Renton
      Areas of Instruction: Violin, Viola
    • Sarah Aldiab is an experienced teacher and performer of violin/fiddle and viola. She has taught all ages and many styles, including classical, Celtic fiddle, pop/rock, and folk music. Performing professionally since 2015, Sarah has played in many classical...
    • Yakov
    • Senior Sales Associate - Renton
    • Hi there! My name is Yakov, I play mostly guitar and bass, but collect and play some lesser known stringed instruments such as domra, ude, ukelin, guitar dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, and a few others. My main genres are indie, surf, garage, grunge, and...