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Lessons vs YouTube


Lessons vs YouTube

by Raymond



The internet is great! Information is at your fingertips, but so is the wrong information, and it is hard sometimes to discern between the two.

When customers tell me that they don’t need to take private lessons because they can go on YouTube and get free lessons I always say “that’s great, and it can get you going in the right direction, but private lessons can help you excel much faster and with more accuracy”. You see, when you are learning an instrument on your own through a book or online forum it is very easy to develop bad habits that you don’t realize you are developing, which are harder to break and unlearn down the road. With a private lesson the instructor is standing right next to you to correct anything before it goes too far.

The one on one experience from a professional musician/teacher gives you a definite advantage. You get their years of experience and tricks of the trade. They mold each lesson to the individual as we all learn differently.

And for those of you who are in orchestra or band at school, private lessons are a great tool to help you excel in class. Your band teacher usually doesn’t have time to give individual attention to every student. So bring your homework to your private instructor and he or she can help you practice those pieces giving you the extra attention you need to succeed in band.

Private lessons are the way to go.