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The Good New Days


The Good New Days

by Samuel

For over 30 years 6511 Magnolia street has served the musicians of Riverside and surrounding areas. First as Cooper's Music, then Music Mike's, and now, Music & Arts has taken up that role.

I had been at Music Mike's for about a year and a half before Mike announced the transition and, understandably, we were concerned. The store had cultivated a unique charm, from the giant guitar out front, to the oddly designed intersection it's located at, to the non-euclidian geometry of it's interior. Mike's was the place to get in long, drawn-out conversations about music, buy a guitar, get lessons on how to play it, and inevitably, have it repaired.

Happily, that is still the case at 6511 Magnolia. The repair shop remains, lessons have expanded, as well as welcome additions like online ordering and that guy Steve. The only major difference, from what I can tell, is that now we have way more conversations with more marching band members.