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Quick Fix Brass Instrument Maintenance & Cleaning


Quick Fix Brass Instrument Maintenance & Cleaning

by Caitlin

Quick Fix Brass Instrument Maintenance & Cleaning


Are you encountering sticky valves or sluggish tuning slides on your brass instruments? If you need a quick fix to keep your instrument in playable condition until you are able to bring it in for servicing by our Music & Arts repair technician, try a couple of these DIY at home cleaning methods.

Piston Valve Brass Instruments

Sticky valves? Remove each of the valves and place into containers labeled with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 (and 4 if there is a fourth valve). Using a microfiber cloth, wipe each of the valves off to remove any oil or potential particles. Use a valve casing brush to scrub the inside of each valve casing. Once done, apply a moderate amount of valve oil to each valve and then place them into their corresponding casing and press up and down for desired valve functionality.

Brass Tuning Slides & Trombone Slides

Sluggish slides? Remove all tuning slides and submerge in containers with warm water and a dash of dish washing detergent. Using a cleaning snake, run the brush through the length of the slide several times to remove any built up debris (be prepared to see some gunk!). Once done, thoroughly rinse each slide and wipe dry using a microfiber cleaning cloth. Apply a moderate amount of slide grease along the length of the slides and place back into the slide receivers of the instrument. Work each of the slides until they move more freely.

As always, if you have questions in regards to the above processes, please ask your band directors or private music instructors!