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Guitar Maintenance 101


Guitar Maintenance 101

by Steven

Guitar maintenance 101

Neck Adjustment

Guitars at some point will have issues due to weather or change in humidity and will need some maintenance and adjustments from time to time. This is especially true for acoustic instruments. We most commonly find these issues with the neck of a guitar.  In this case we may need to slightly adjusted necks to keep our guitar in good playing order. In this installment I will go over some key factors that may lead to bad intonation or fret buzz.

Firstly, we will need to understand what the truss rod is and what it is intended for in the guitar neck. The truss rod is a steel rod that is put in almost all guitars to allow for neck relief or tightening of the neck. With use of an Allen wrench you can turn left or counterclockwise to loosen the neck which will add bow or to the right (clockwise) to tighten the neck. Usually this is the first thing you will notice and want to adjust accordingly. Next if you have buzzing issues usually this means the saddle of the guitar may be set to low. (see  fig.1 picture below) You can check this by fretting notes up above the 12th fret and if there is not enough clearance between the string pressed down and the higher frets you will get a dead note or muted sound. You can most of the time place a small pick of wood or filer under your saddle to cure this otherwise if you do opt to go with a new saddle you can shape to your liking. The third place to check would be the nut, usually this is the last place to check and usually not something you need to worry about unless you have an older guitar which is very simple to replace. Lastly as started in the last installment a fresh set of strings can help revive the sound of that neglected guitar.