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How to choose your second guitar


How to choose your second guitar

by Justin

So, you’ve mastered the basics and are ready to purchase your next guitar? Here are a few things to consider.


For Acoustic:

  • Type of wood, different woods produce different tones (warm or dark)

  • Body shape, Smaller bodies are going to more comfortable for smaller people, Where as a dreadnought would be comfortable for a larger person

  • Neck Thickness, (also applies to electric) Thick necks will  provide more sustain, Thin necks will be easier for people with smaller hands, although some with smaller hands still prefer thicker necks, experiment with different guitars to find what works best for you

For Electric:

  • Type of wood is also important for electric guitars, heavier/denser woods will provide more sustain

  • Body shape, test guitars both sitting and standing to ensure body will be comfortable

  •  Pickup style, Humbuckers will produce a thicker tone, whereas single coil pickups will produce a brighter, crisper tone.