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New Fender Amp and Boss Pedals!


New Fender Amp and Boss Pedals!

by Greg

I am pleased to annouce that we are now carrying the new Fender Mustang GT 40 amp! Equipped with WiFi capablility, bluetooth, and the new Fender Tone App the variety of tones/amps/effect modeling is almost endless. Preset with 21 different amps and 46 different effects this amp is great for at home practice and even recording! Come by and check out everything this amp has to offer!

We also have a new Boss pedal display showcasing some of their most popular models! The pedal board is equipped with the Chromatic Tuner, original DS-1 Distortion, the Super Overdrive, Super Chorus, the new Loop Station RC-1, and the DD-1 Digital Delay. All pedals are the standard high quality build that we know and love from Boss and this array of pedals is a great way to expand any guitarist's sound.

If you have any questions about any of the new product we are carrying or about anything else feel free to contact us at 704-341-0000 or send us an email through the website!