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The school year is over, what do I do with my instrument?


The school year is over, what do I do with my instrument?

Hello, everyone!

Many of you are getting your summer plans in order and are planning great vacations.  One thing many people don't make plans for is their rental instrument.  Now is a great time to talk to your student to see how they feel about their instrument as by now many of them have been playing for at least a year.  It's important now to figure out your musical goals and the best way to reach them.  We at Music and Arts have several venues that you can take with your rental instrument.  

If you student is enjoying their instrument they do not need to return it.  You can keep it and play it over the summer!  We encourage continuing players to keep their chops up and practice so they do not lose the skills they've earned playing throughout the school year.  We offer lessons from a wide roster of experienced musicians to help improve their skills.

Every one of our contracts are rent-to-own.  Which means every payment you make goes toward owning an instrument not necessarily the one you have now.  Your payments can be applied toward the purchase of a new student level or intermediate level instrument.  If you know your student is going to be sticking with the instrument purchasing and instrument will save you money in the long run and what better way to purchase an instrument than with money you've already paid!

If you are not ready to purchase, yet your student is enjoying their instrument, maybe exchanging to a step-up rental is the right answer for you.  A student level instrument will only allow for a player to progress so far.  A step-up instrument will increase the range that your student can play overall augmenting their current abilities with a superior sound.  

If your student is going to be playing a different instrument next year, see if you can find out what instrument they will play.  This way we can exchange you to that instrument and transfer the money you have paid so far into the new instrument.

Or if the student does not enjoy playing, although we are sad to hear it, you can return your instrument at any time.

If you have any questions on what the right path is for you, please feel free to call the store and speak to any of the experienced staff.  We'd be more happy to assist you in reaching your goals with music.  Happy playing!