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Why you should upgrade your student's instrument


Why you should upgrade your student's instrument

by Zachary

As the Spring concert season fast approaches, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your student's band or orchestra instrument. They instrument they started with is good for the first year or two, but if they want to continue play they'll need something more. Step-Up instruments are easier to play, they sound better, and they will allow your student to continue to progress. Come visit our store or call 972-668-1176 and ask one of our professional associates about the benefits of upgrading your instrument today!


Our Frisco location is your source for all the best deals on your student's next step flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, french horn, euphonium, violin, viola, cello, string bass, or any other instrument you may need! We gaurantee the lowest price available and will match all competitors pricing with a smile!


We carry every major brand including the following, and more!


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