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Upgrade Your Sound


Upgrade Your Sound

by Milton
Imagine the largest showcase of instruments in the nation is your playground? Oh wait, it is! Come and play with us and some of the world’s best instrument makers! You can try any instrument before you purchase, consult with experts- and with amazing discounts and rebates, not to mention up to 36-month financing, it’s easier than ever for you to upgrade your sound! RSVP now! ESVP: http://www.musicarts.com/UYS?source=LGOA8K2L View More

It's That Time Again....Upgrade Your Sound at Music & Arts!

Is your student progressing well and enjoying their instrument?  If so, now is the perfect time to look at upgrading their current instrument.  Whether they are in the band, orchestra, or playing any other instrument, in order for your student to progress at a consistent rate, their instrument must progress with them.  In fact, it is perfectly common to upgrade a student's instrument... View More

Schools Out.....Why Now is the Perfect Time for Lessons!

It's finally here!  Summer has arrived and another school year is in the books!  It's time for a little relaxation and fun.  How do you fill all of those free days in the summer....with music lessons of course!  Here are 3 examples of why summer lessons are great:1.   Lessons are great for school musicians looking to keep up their chops during the summer.  A 30 minute... View More

Attn. Orchestra Rental Customers!

Hopefully things are going super well in orchestra class this year, and your student is progressing well!  Did you know that 100% of your base rental payment can be applied to an upgrade level instrument?With Solo competitions right around the corner, now is the perfect time to look at upgrading your student's instrument.  Music & Arts Lewisville has the deepest assortment of orchestra instruments... View More

Back to School...Back to Lessons!

Now that summer is almost over, it's time to get back into music lessons!  We have many exciting educators here in the Lewisville location for all types of instrumentations, including: Piano Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Banjo, & Mandolin) Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone) Brass (Trumpet, Trombone) Orchestra (Violin, Viola, Cello, & String Bass) Percussion (Drums &... View More