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Schools Out.....Why Now is the Perfect Time for Lessons!


Schools Out.....Why Now is the Perfect Time for Lessons!

It's finally here!  Summer has arrived and another school year is in the books!  It's time for a little relaxation and fun.  How do you fill all of those free days in the summer....with music lessons of course!  Here are 3 examples of why summer lessons are great:

1.   Lessons are great for school musicians looking to keep up their chops during the summer.  A 30 minute once a week lesson keeps your student engaged and practicing so when school starts up again, they are ready to go!

2.  It's a great time to learn a new instrument!  Whether you have already played in band or orchestra, taking the summer to expand your musical interest is always a great way to go!

3.  Summer lessons are great if you have never played and have always wanted to.  With your schedule freed up, now is the perfect time to pick up that instrument you have always wanted to learn how to play!

Music & Arts is the Nation's Largest lesson provider, teaching over 1 million lessons per yera nationally.  We would love to have you or your student join our growing lesson program!  For more information click on the Lesson Instructors tab on our store page, or call us at 972-315-8400!