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It's the most wonderful time of the year - Holiday Helping Tips!


It's the most wonderful time of the year - Holiday Helping Tips!

Holiday shopping on your mind?Have one of your kids been hinting at a musical instrument that they want?

At this time of year, some parents find themselves in the situation where they may not know too much about what their child is asking for. Thats where we at Music and Arts come in! Here at Oakton, we strive to get your aspiring musician exactly what they will need to be successful with their instrument of choice. We will be your personal shopper, getting you everything you need while explaining why certain suggestions are neessary in addition to the instrument itself. 

Here are some common items that can easily be paired with instruments your musician may want:

Guitar: a case, a stand, picks, a method book, a tuner, an extra pack of strings, a peg winder/clipper tool, if you are planning to go electric, you will need an amp and a cord, and some lessons to get started! 

Piano/Keyboard: a stand, a bench, a sustain pedal, headphones (for quiet practice), a method book, and lessons! (as a pianist myself, I highly recommend lessons. 88 keys can be daunting!)

Drums: the drum set, extra sticks, a stick bag, a method book, and lessons!

Band and Orchestra Instruments: There is a lot when it comes to band and orchestra, but there are a BIG 6 that I reccomend to all students: 1. A new Care Kit 2. Reeds (great stocking stuffers!) 3. upgraded mouthpieces 4. upgraded strings 5. upgraded instrument case and 6. A protection plan for your instrument

When you stop by, just ask one of us to show you all the great Holiday gift item ideas we have in store! We will be your holiday helpers!