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10/29/2018 - Upgrade Your Sound

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Oct 26 String Showcase | Upgrade Your Sound 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Due to space limitations, Oakton does not offer lessons. Please check our locations directory for another store near you which may offer lessons.

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Retail Manager - N

Music, music, music. In my head. All the time. Who knows how many roommates and friends I've driven crazy with my incessant humming,...
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Jacob Wigfield-Gorka
Senior Sales Associate

Hey everybody! I'm the resident woodwind expert so direct any questions my way. I studied jazz saxophone at Radford University...
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Shawn Nguyen
Senior Sales Associate

Hello! My name is Shawn Nguyen, and I am currently a Retail Sales Associate at Music&Arts's Oakton Store. I have been...
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Justin Mason
Senior Sales Associate

My name is Justin Mason I've been playing bass for the better part of a decade now. From playing everything from metal to broadway...

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