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Here Comes 2017!


Here Comes 2017!

by Kurt

First off, Happy Belated New Year! We've been so busy here at the store getting ready for all the new and amazing things planned for 2017 that we forgot to wish you all the best in this upcoming year. Now that the holidays have wound down, school is back in session, and the decorations are back in their boxes, we wanted to take a moment to talk to you... about superheroes. Did you know that we actually have superpowers here in the store? No, we didn't get bitten by a radioactive saxophone or guitar, but we've got them here! We call them superpowers- others call them Music Lessons.

All joking aside, we do feel like superheroes when we see students taking their lessons. Why? Because we know that by taking lessons, they're building their own set of superpowers. Music lessons allow students to build their self-confidence, create good habits such as punctuality and practice habits, and give them a great way to express themselves in an artistic manner. Our teachers here at Springfield make it their goal in lessons not only to teach students how to play their instruments, but also to teach them life skills through their musical practices. Studies have shown that children (and adults!) who take music lessons are more generally more eloquent, punctual, and responsible thanks to their practice habits with instruments and regular lessons.

In short, come on in for your own set of superpowers here at Springfield Music & Arts! From guitar to saxophone, piano to voice, we offer a wide variety of lessons with some of the most highly-qualified teachers you'll ever meet. Stop by the store to ask an associate about lessons today, or call us with lesson questions at 703-451-0875. We'd be more than happy to set you up with your very own set of superpowers!