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Welcome to our new drum instructor!


Welcome to our new drum instructor!

by Brad
Bothell Music & Arts would like to welcome our new percussion instructor, Charles Camisa Jr!  Charles is world-class drummer from South Florida. His treasure of knowledge stems from 13 years of studying every style of music possible. He has experience teaching dozens of students, playing hundreds of shows, and recording a handful of records. Charles seeks to establish a strong musical... View More

Upgrade Your Sound

by Milton
Imagine the largest showcase of instruments in the nation is your playground? Oh wait, it is! Come and play with us and some of the world’s best instrument makers! You can try any instrument before you purchase, consult with experts- and with amazing discounts and rebates, not to mention up to 36-month financing, it’s easier than ever for you to upgrade your sound! RSVP now! RSVP: View More

Renting online is easy and fast!

by Brad
School is right around the corner, and that means it's time to start Band and Orchestra for the year!  Whether you're going into your first year or are a seasoned veteran, you're going to need an instrument to play!  Music & Arts has everything you need to rent an instrument for school, but did you know that you can rent your instrument right from the comfort of your own home?  Just follow... View More

Spruce up your summer by learning a new instrument!

by Brad
Summer is the perfect time to jump into learning that new instrument you've been thinking about!  Even though school is out, lessons are available year-round!  We have teachers who can help you get started on whatever new musical adventure you've been dreaming of, whether you're an experienced player looking to branch out, or a first-timer just getting into the fun of playing!  We've also... View More

March Open Mic

by Brad
Been practicing your music, but don't have a place to show off what you've learned?  Want to show off the new piece you just mastered?  Just want to know more about learning an instrument?  Then come to our March Open Mic!  On Saturday, March 31st from 4-6 pm, we'll be hosting an open mic for players of all ages and levels to perform in our store.  Give us a call to RSVP at 425-486-5000. ... View More