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The importance of cleaning your instrument!


The importance of cleaning your instrument!

by Abigail
When it comes to maintaning instruments, cleaning is one of the most important things that is part of adding longevity to your instrument. We have a great team of people to help get the kinks out, whether it is a basic chemical clean, taking out scratches or dents, or even fixing up your stringed instrument with new pegs and a bridge. Having a place that is reliable and dependable to get your instrument back into tip-top shape is one of the many reasons why Music & Arts is here! Parents are a huge fan of the Music & Arts repair plan being one of the many accomodations that we provide as part of the rental agreement for instruments that are rented to own! Here at Music & Arts, we continue to look out for the best interest of our customers, and as band camp approaches, what better way to get an instrument in its best condition than to send it to our team of repair experts to get cleaned!