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UYS Events


UYS Events

by Michael
It is one of our favorite times of the year here at Music and Arts. Upgrade Season! Right before the end of school every year we have special offers and events to help young developing musicians and experienced musicians Upgrade Your Sound. The two marquee events for us are our String Showcase and Horns of Plenty events. These events offer the unique oppurtunity to showcase our large selection of performance... View More

Teaching Opportunities

by Michael
Calling all musicians and music enthusiasts! We here at the Doylestown Music and Arts are so excited to announce that we are looking to expand our musical family! We have a beautiful new space and we are currently looking for eager and passionate musicians to join our wonderful group of lesson instructors here in the store.  The most important part of starting a new musical journey is having an instructor... View More

Upgrade Your Sound

by Milton
Imagine the largest showcase of instruments in the nation is your playground? Oh wait, it is! Come and play with us and some of the world’s best instrument makers! You can try any instrument before you purchase, consult with experts- and with amazing discounts and rebates, not to mention up to 36-month financing, it’s easier than ever for you to upgrade your sound! RSVP now! ESVP: View More

Back to School Time

by Michael
It is that time of year to enjoy the end of summer and get ready for the kids to get back to school. Here is a brief list of things to think of before that first band class of the year. 1. Cleaning supplies are very similar to a toothbrush. You should be throwing out and getting all new cleaning kits every couple of months. 2. Back to school repairs are a very common thing to have done that most people... View More

We Are Moving!

by Michael
It is an exciting time for us here at the Doylestown Music and Arts. I am happy to announce that we will be moving over the course of the next few months! Don't worry we aren't going far, just to a different space within the same shopping center. What this does mean is a beautiful new store design and an amazing new facility.  As move in day comes closer we will have more information to share so check... View More