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Atlo Sax Plastic Reeds?


Atlo Sax Plastic Reeds?

by Derick

BARI vs. Legere

The Legere premium reed provides a soft and mellow tone that can be easily tamed to replace that of a standard cane reed. It should be known that the numbering system for reed strength is skewed, making the size 3 reed feel much stiffer than normal. Although it does not physically feel like a standard reed, the Legere is easy to play and does not take much getting used to. I find it easy to produce a tone similar to that of an ordinary reed, and using the Legere provides consistency and quality.

The BARI synthetic reed provides a much louder and blaring sound than a standard reed. This reed is the perfect fit for outdoor gigs and large group performances (particularly soloing in large groups). The rough texturing on the reed makes it seem more natural, feeling like a standard cane reed, although still not exact. For those looking for a large boost in volume without sacrificing much tone, the BARI synthetic reed may be something to try out.