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Teaches Drum Set, Percussion, Theory

I'm a musician that takes pride in hard work. You are only at your best when you know you are prepared.

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Drum Set, Percussion, Theory

About Sandy

Sandy has played professionally over 40 years, touring & recording with a variety of artists. Currently drummer & band director with the Paula Boggs Band. Other artists he has worked with are Wanz from Makelmore & Lewis, Robert Stewart, Alice Stuart, James Zollar, Tor Dietrichson plus many more. Sandy is a dedicated drum educator. He loves being a drum instructor & has been a drums  teacher & percussion teacher over 20 years in South Seattle.
Teaching at Music and Arts in Kent, Wa. 
I grew up in Southern California & started drumming when I was 12. After forming a band with my friends at the age of 13, I knew that music was what I wanted to do with my life & I never looked back.  At 16, I learned the elements of jazz. Mixed with my rock background, this helped me form a love for creating music with new ​horizons. I was the leader of many bands in San Diego & I found that being a leader & touring all over the country taught me a lot about the music business. It gave me a work ethic, that with practice & dedication, has lead to a successful career in the music industry. 
​​In the early 90's I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. These days I'm very busy playing, recording & teaching. I am currently working with many singer/songwriters in the area as well as teaching. I am busy working in the studio recording tracks for demos as well as many finished CDs. I've played many shows all over the US & some in Canada. Competent in all styles of music & am professional in every way. I enjoy the challenge of recording & I especially love working with singer/songwriters. I have worked with engineers/producers Trina Shoemaker & Jonathan Plum & many others. I am the leader of a jazz group called Urban Improv. We play many stlyes of jazz standards to modern to contemporary. Currently I'm the drummer &  band director for the Paula Boggs Band. I have played in Machone & Seattle Central Jazz Orchestra big bands. 

Over 40 years of professional playing, with a love of sharing
knowledge, gives me passion to teach.​

I teach kids starting at age 6. The first thing I teach them is the elements of rhythm & timing in music & then how to count & read rhythms. Moving forward, we'll work on drum rudiments for stick control & then progress to basic rock beats & how to play actual songs. By the end of the first lesson, most of my students play "We Will Rock You" by Queen. The most important thing for my lessons with kids is that they have FUN! 

I teach many teens & pre-teens, some just starting out & some advanced for their age. I will access their skill level at the first lesson in order to determine their needs. If my students are in school band, we will work on how to read drum music & the essential skills of rudiments & sticking. I will also teach jazz band students the concept of reading and interpreting big band music. For those that just want to rock, we will learn what they like. I can teach everything from punk and dubstep to metal & indie. We will also work on techniques to develop speed & independence.
For adults we will do the same analysis at the first lesson, then determine what direction they want to go. Some of my adults are beginners & some are novice pros wanting to study something new. I teach jazz, brushes, Latin, funk , plus many world rhythms. I also know hundreds of classic rock & contemporary worship songs. Additionally I am very experienced in double bass drum techniques. 

Kent Music & Arts 253-850-8000 Kent WA