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Woodwinds, Brass, Guitar, Bass, Orchestral Strings, Keyboards & MIDI

Favorite Bands

Lamb of God, Pantera, Audioslave, Rush, Dream Theater, Eagles, Queen, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarksonn, Whitney Houston, Reba McEntire, Local Bands, Top three: System of a Down, Top three: Alice in Chains, Top Three: Tool

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys, Piano, Woodwind, Brass, Strings

Musical Interests

The Local Scene

Performance Experience

Musicals & Plays, Choir Concerts, Marching Band Shows, Concert band, Local Band


Retail Manager - N

About Me

Just a jack of all trades here, I play guiater, piano, drums and some bass and I sing. I also play several woodwind instruments. I was in band all through school and involved in music out side of school as well. I love music !

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