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Beginning at the age of six and performing since ageeleven, Baldwin continues to amaze with his mature and natural style of drumming. His Latin and Jazz background coupled with the likings of Progressive Metal and Fusion, inspire his technical, free spirited style. From ages 7 to 19, Baldwin studied under instructor and mentor Spyro S. challenging him in every aspect of the kit, 
Spyro taught him the fundamentals of drumming, independence and musicality while disciplining his technique, ultimately allowing him to continue to fine tune his craft. From the ages 12 to 14, he also began to study in NYC under Salsa legend NickiMarrero. There Baldwin was able to learn some of the intricacies in latin drumming along with furthering his knowledge in the Salsa and Latin Jazz style. 
Gaining some unforgettable experiences and opportunities along the way. Through the years, playing in cover bands and everything in between. Baldwin and his craft continue to develop and grow. 

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