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Bethany has spent her entire life immersed in the culture of music. From the time when she was a toddler and sat with her dad while he played the guitar, and at the age of four when she began piano and music theory lessons, music has been a huge part of who she is.

Bethany trained in piano for sixteen years, beginning at the Children’s music academy, and studied under a variety of different teachers. She has studied under a professional jazz musician, as well as a variety of classical and contemporary musicians.

She’s accompanied choirs and orchestras as a pianist, and spent several years contributing her voice and piano skills to church music ministries, as well as her talent as a violinist and violist. She’s also played for high school drama programs and community events.

When not contributing to the community with her music, Bethany enjoys writing her own music and playing guitar, violin, viola, and ukulele.


Bethany started developing a passion for teaching in high school, and began teaching alongside her sister, who is also a musician. In 2013, Bethany developed Beyond Words Music, a mobile music program designed to meet the needs of the individual.

She is passionate about crafting unique musicians who take ownership of music in every way that they can. In the future, she hopes to teach a wider group of students, begin offering group music classes, and study music therapy.

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