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Teaches Piano, Voice

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American Sign Language

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Piano, Voice

Specialties / Genres Taught

Classical, Jazz, Blues

Teaching Experience

Synthesizer Training Courses - Moogfest 2016 - Present, Level One Piano Courses - Collegiate Level

About Bianca

I have been playing the piano for over fifteen years and have been trained in voice for twenty.

I am skilled in the areas of classical and jazz compositions, as well as music theory and technique. 

As a musician that began learning piano at an older age of fourteen, I know that there must be a passion there in order to be a successful. It takes patience and perserverance to hone any art form but there is an infiniate amount of potential with the right teacher guiding your way. I am confident that I can provide my students with the confidence and skills they need to succeed within their own musical journey. 

Durham Music & Arts 919-402-9270 Durham NC