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"If you lose your laugh, you lose your footing"

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Hello folks!

My name is Cassandra but everyone calls me Cassy. My love for music started the first time I ever picked up a clarinet. Before starting Kindergarten, I would try to squeak out a couple notes on my sister's clarinet. When I finally started music classes at my elementary school in Alaska, I couldn't get enough! There was something calming about it that put me in my happy place. In high school, I moved my way from concert band to wind ensemble, and even became section leader in marching band. My favorite memories from those four years came from all the traveling and band competitions I was lucky enough to take part in.

Since then, I've picked up saxophone and ukulele, all through self-teaching. Currently, I work for several promotion teams around the Ohio area, focusing on electronic music and jam bands. Each summer, I attend at least 4 different music festivals, most of which I do some sort of work for. The community and the music drew me in, but the endless amount of talent is what keeps me going back. I get to see young artists grow year after year, finally getting their moment to perform on the main stage. It is such an a rewarding feeling to help these individuals tap into their full potential, and to get them booked for local shows.

If anyone has specific questions about woodwinds, ukuleles, DJ equipment, or even getting a foot in the door at a local venue, I am your lady! The scene around Columbus has so many opportunities for new and upcoming musicians to get themselves out there and to develop their set of skills into something extraordianry. It would make my heart happy to assist people in this direction. Take care!



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