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Born and raised in Terryville, Connecticut.  Moved to Farmington, Connecticut
for Junior/Senior High School.  Attended Boston University and have a Bachelor
of Music degree from there.  Served in the US Army, stationed in Germany.  Upon
my release, taught school for three years before entering the music business
becoming a road rep at the John Tirkot music business, a great family-owned
business. After working there for 30 years, they retired, and I came over to
Riccardo's Music, working for Pete Riccardo as a road rep.  Pete is still here,
in charge of repairs.  I am presently working for Music and Arts.  I also am
heavily involved in Bluegrass Music, having played in five different Bluegrass
bands, and attending up to ten Bluegrass Festivals each year, being the MC at
some of them, and helping out with the Kids Academy at others.  I also have
played piano/organ at church for the last 40 years.  The picture I have
submitted is of me at the organ at church.  It is very rewarding working with
the school music teachers, and I have quite a few that are very loyal
customers.  Thank you for the opportunity to present a thumbnail sketch of my
life.  Clyde Proch.

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