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Teaches Piano, Voice, Music Theory, Technology

"Making music creation a life-long passion."

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Piano, Voice, Music Theory, Technology

Current Projects

Currently completing an album of original songs entitled "Over", Writing church and worship music, Working on my second composition for symphonic band, working on my first piano concerto


B.A. in Music Composition from California State University San Bernardino, B.A. in Music Technology from California State University San Bernardino

Favorite Instruments

Keys/Piano, - Nord Synths/Keyboards, AND VOCALS

Levels Taught

Beginner, Intermediate

Specialties / Genres Taught

Classical piano, pop piano, jazz piano, rock piano, classical voice (non opera), Jazz voice, rock and pop voice, classical composition, baroque music theory, classical and romantic music theory, easy piano, songwriting, beginning voice, 20th and 21st Century music theory, 20th and 21st century music composition, arranging

Teaching Experience

6 years teaching one-on-one and group lessons, 1 year teaching online lessons and courses

About Cody

Cody Weinmann is a pianist, singer and composer of many different genres of music from classical to jazz, to rock and pop. He teaches students to express individual creativity apart from just playing book pieces and progressing quickly to the next level. Cody strives to make each student dive deep into the music and find themselves in it. He is an avid composer and arranger of piano and vocal repertoire for beginning and intermediate students. These pieces are written as supplemental exercises that help students to really understand music.

Cody plays and writes for many genres including solo pieces, band and orchestral works, choral works and sacred and church music. He is a big lover of big sound textures, especially piano concertos or orchestral pieces with a piano feature. He has perfect pitch and synesthesia—the ability to see colors with pitches.
Cody’s goals for teaching include teaching people of all abilities the power and fun in music. He tailors lessons to the student’s individual needs. He teaches them note and sight reading along with improvisation. He also has five years teaching students with disabilities as well and nurtures the student’s strengths to keep them going.
You can even check out some of his work on his website and Youtube. You can also check out his tutorials on Youtube.
He looks forward to teaching students with great passion and persistence. He loves to see students grow.

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