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Guitar, Piano, Percussion

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Daniel Borden is a guitar and piano music instructor at the Music & Arts - Cedar Hill location. He earned his B.A. in Piano Performance from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2014. For nearly a decade, he has gained experience gigging for churches, schools, vocalists, and different ensembles, including work as lead guitarist for the SAGU Jazz Band and accompanist for SAGU Chorale and Choir. Also, Daniel has recorded guitars for various projects, some being the recent film projects by his alma mater. In addition to his presence as a live and studio musician, Daniel has also entered the film music scene, composing the music for SAGU’s short film Under the Sun (2013) as well as their feature film Drawing a Blank (2015).

Daniel has been providing private instruction for 6 years, teaching students of all ages. His inspiring approach as a teacher, as well as his ability to give students a comprehensive and practical understanding of music in theory, performance, and composition, gives his students the extra edge they need to advance on their instrument and in the music world. Daniel specializes in teaching students how to take control of their musical abilities through passion and diligence, preparing them for a life of growth and enjoyment in music.

Guitar students studying with Daniel learn to read guitar sheet music and chord charts proficiently, memorize music, excel in solo and rhythm guitar roles in a band, and perform in multiple styles and genres, including blues, jazz, songwriter, folk, classic rock, modern rock, pop, and CCM. His piano students also learn to read piano sheet music and chord charts proficiently, as well as memorize their songs, create compositions and improvise, play in a band, and learn styles such as classical, blues, pop, and CCM. Both guitar and piano students can also learn how to play their instrument while singing at the same time. If you want to grow your guitar or piano skills, join Daniel Borden’s studio and come ready to be inspired and to grow!

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