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Clarinet, Saxophone

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I am a graduate of Arizona State University where I acquired my Master of Music degree in Instrumental Performance on the Clarinet.  I received my Bachelor of Music degree also in Instrumental Music on clarinet from California State University, Long Beach.

I have six years of private instruction experience from teaching both in the Orange/LA County areas in California and the Tempe/Mesa area in Arizona.  I also have over 17 years of musical training.  My expertise is mainly on clarinet and saxophone; however, I am very qualified to teach flute as well.

My performance experience carries a diverse range of styles including classical, jazz, new music and klezmer among others.  I have performed in numerous local venues, as well as prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City.
My students range from beginner to advanced and any age above 8.  My lessons focus on fundamentals, musicality, and sight-reading, as well as performance practice, performance anxiety, and proper ensemble etiquette.  Start lessons now - build your skills as the semester rolls along, prepare for upcoming auditions or spring time ensembles, pick up that old instrument, or start something new!
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