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Piano, Voice

About Devana Lowe

Devana Lowe is currently finishing her musical studies at the University of Arizona to receive a bachelor’s degree in music education. Throughout her college studies, she has gained experience in all orchestral instruments. Teaching music has been a huge part of her life, and she has gained opportunities in teaching a wide range of ages.


From these experiences, she prefers a noncurricular program for every lesson. Her teaching philosophy is that all students are unique and all learn at different paces and may need more assistance in one area than another. A noncurricular based program helps the student to progress faster in the area that they excel and master the areas that appear more difficult. Another form of her teaching is stressing the importance of music theory and piano techniques. Music theory will be utilized throughout every lesson to ensure the usage and application of it in every repertoire piece given to the student and piano techniques, such as scales and different forms of finger exercises, will be taught to develop proper playing techniques and coordination.


Devana’s primary goal as a teacher is not only to help students learn the piano, but to help them find enjoyment in what they are learning so that they may discover the inner drive to press on and move forward in their musical adventure.

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