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Edward E


Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, String Bass

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Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Electric Bass, String Bass

Musical Interests

Jazz, Rock, Classical

Areas of Instruction

Guitar, Bass Guitar, String Bass

Favorite Bands

Marcus Miller, Marcus Miller Band, Billy Sheehan, Beatles, Stanley Clark Band, Victor Wooten

Current Projects

Currently recording with David Schulman, Duo Bass and Piano recordings with Gary Lowe

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Every Friday and Saturday at 701 Restaurant in DC, Jazz Festival in DC

Specialties / Genres Taught

Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical, Raggae

Teaching Experience

Capitol Hill Day School - 10 years


Howard University, Washington College

Performance Experience

Performed with Vicky Winhans, Denise Graves, Willie Nelson, Wilson Pickett

About Edward E

EDWARD EATMON - Attended Howard University and George Washington University. Studied with Steve Novasel, Keter Betts, Calvin Jones and David Marsh. Performance experience at local clubs and venues. Teaching experience at Capitol Hill Day School
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