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25+ Years in the Seattle area

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Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Country, Blues

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Hi! I'm Lizette and I'm looking forward to teaching Guitar here at the Music and Arts Burien location! I have been teaching Piano, Guitar and Voice for over twenty five years in Seattle, mostly in Seward Park and West Seattle. There is no better way to spend time than singing and playing Guitar and Piano. Music is truly the universal language, with endless rewards; the sky's the limit. My Goal is to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere during lessons, where students are encouraged to let go of perfection and know that their best is good enough.

 In addition to singing vocals while playing guitar, I am also a composer and a songwriter. I have written over three hundred songs in diverse genres: Rock, Country, Reggae, Jazz and Blues. Songwriting is all about connecting to emotions and I have some great techniques to get people writing. It is the most expressive art form: No one can write your song. My mission is life is to bring music education to children far and wide, children who otherwise would not have a chance to study music. Music changes lives for the better and anyone of age can benefit from music education. I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach here and hope to see you soon!


I teach here at the Burien Store on Friday.

Burien Music & Arts 206-243-4800 SEATTLE WA