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Music is the best gift that human own. I will share my gift with you. 

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Francheska is a Russian-American musician with 30 years of teaching experience with students from various ages and ethnic background. She offers fun and adventurous music programs for ages 5-12, advanced academic skills for ages 12-25, relaxed and memorable lessons for adults and seniors.The best elements of Russian, American and European music schools are naturally blended in programs for each individual student. Performances and competitions are available for all groups.

Francheska experiences a deep respect for those who loves and wants to study music. Music is a special gift that requires devotion and hours of practice. Her music students become the long life learners. There are engineers, artists and great citizens among her former students around the world. Children love Francheska for her kind heart and patience; adults respect her for the great knowledge of the subject.  



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