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“I’ve got to be able to do that!” I thought as my 5th grade classmate played the Beatle’s  song “I Feel Fine” on an electric guitar during an elementary school talent show.  From that day on I started bugging my parents to let me take guitar lessons.   My first teacher played violin in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and also taught classical guitar.   He would not teach popular music but I studied with him anyway because I just loved the sound of the guitar.  I was left to my own devices to learn popular music.   I learned from song books and from other kids in the neighborhood who were in “garage bands“ and then started spending hours at a record player figuring out the chords and lead guitar parts from records.  Throughout junior and senior high school  I played in rock bands at church and school dances . We played the popular music styles of the late 1960’s including the music of The Rascals, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Mountain, Jefferson Airplane, Allman Brothers, etc.

After high school I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, first as a composition major and then as a music education major.   Berklee was primarily a jazz school when I attended so I immersed myself in that style while I was there.  After Berklee, I became a guitar instructor and played  5 nights per week in various bands throughout the New York tri-state area and sometimes beyond.   I was in a variety of bands playing different styles of music:  country rock, southern rock, classic rock and disco.   I also played in wedding bands which required playing almost every style of music.  One band I joined was the road band of Bionic Boogie who had hits that were at or near the top of Billboard magazine’s dance music chart.  Our drummer later became internationally famous under the stage name of Eric Carr in the band Kiss.

I later went into the computer field as a computer programmer/analyst, but, because of my love for music, I kept my hand in the music industry, sometimes playing in bands and continuing to teach guitar.   As a guitar teacher, I like to tailor the lessons to the individual student according to their musical tastes and abilities. I get a lot of enjoyment teaching students of all ages and continually learn from them as well.  

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