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About George King

I am not merely a life-long pianist with a music degree, I am also a certified public educator with a teaching degree. The pedagogical coursework and mentoring requirements of my teacher training along with my classroom experience and dealing with school-aged children contributes greatly to the overall effectiveness of my teaching.

I teach the whole child and bring to bear all connections to appropriate cross-curricular subject matter when it is relevant and supports the learning objectives.

Learning music and how to master a musical instrument should not stand alone but rather enhance - and be enhanced - by all concurrent educational endeavors. It is always immensely fulfilling to be there, and be responsible, for the sparks of understanding and enlightenment when someone learns/understands something new. It's exciting and very motivating for both the student and the teacher.

Although there's plenty of it, I don't need the research to know how transformative learning music is to the developing brain and one's cognitive abilities. I am blessed to be able to contribute to that.

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