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Grudge Meyer

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Rush, Styx, Royal Blood, Godsmack, Deep Purple

About Joseph Havely

Joseph began playing drums at the age of three but became deeply involved in playing the drums after age twelve. Over the years, he developed his skills further by studying professional drummers, like Buddy Rich and Neil Peart. The key is practice and trying different styles and techniques. Joseph has over 40 years of music experience. He is currently the drummer for Grudge Meyer a local original hard rock band.

He gained performance experience in the Phoenix area by playing at local venues an events. He has performed and recorded with various local bands and artists; as well as, nationally known bands, such as, Loosely Tight. Joseph teaches many different genres of music, his personal favorites are rock and metal. In addition, he has experience in jazz, blues, country and classic rock.

Joseph loves music because he finds it helps with meditation, enhances coordination and cognitive skills and allows him to express his creative side. He finds teaching drums very rewarding; especially when he sees/hears his students become skilled musicians, developing a life skill that contributes not only to their appreciation of music but growth as person.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Joseph can help you expand and enhance your playing.  

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