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Woodwinds, Clarinets, Flutes & Piccolos, Woodwind Accessories, Marching Band Accessories

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Favorite Instruments

Keys/Piano, Marimba, Flute, and my vocal chords

Favorite Bands

The Cinematic Orchestra, Cold War Kids, Lana Del Rey, Eric Whitacre

Musical Interests

I listen to a little bit of everything and I am open to nearly all genres of music, My musical influences are so broad and extensive I wouldn't know where to begin


Senior Sales Associate

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. -Friedrich Nietzsche

About Me

Hi! I'm Katherine

I was originally born in El Salvador. but was raised in the U.S. all my life, so I am fluent in Spanish. My love for music began with my vocal chords. What for a while was a hobby soon grew into a passion. I began playing the clarinet in elementary school and I immediately fell in love. I dabbled in my instrumental skills here and there, learning to play flute and piano, as well as experimenting with oboe. However I am currently focusing my attention on piano and music theory.

I owe my high school choir director everything. When my love for music started to fade, she rekindled that love just by being so passionate about her work. Not to mention her incredible piano playing. Since then my passion for music has only grown stronger. So I am very happy to say this fall I intend to attend school for Music Theory/Composition and International Relations.

Hope to see you soon!

Espero ver los pronto!

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