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Hey there, nice to virtually meet. My name is Lance Rohde. My drumming journey started when I was 12 when I saw my brother playing the drums in his studio for the first time. I was immediately hooked! 
I’ve been playing drums for 24 years. I received my B.A of Music Performance from Shepherd University in Los Angeles back in 2008. During my 4 years there, I fell in love with jazz, Afro Cuban, and funk music and had a great opportunity to learn from solid players.
A little over 3 years ago, I moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, California with my 2 dogs and my wife to pursue music. Since then, I've had the opportunity to play with awesome musicians since moving to Vegas. I’ve gigged with bluesman, Rick Berthod and have 2 passionate startup groups I’m working with to take out on the town. I am always working on my musicianship and I compose my own music as well. 
I enjoy passing the knowledge of drumming and watching my students develop and flourish into talented players. It makes me proud to see them reach their full potential. 
My teaching philosophy: Drums for all! Everyone can play the drums. It’s all about having fun, learning, and reaching your full potential. 
Henderson, NV Music & Arts 702-450-2112 HENDERSON NV