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Teaches Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

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Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

About Lorin

I have been playing guitar, singing, writing and producing music for the greater part of my life. My endeavor is to guide you to an understanding of one or many of these facets and give you the tools you need to become your own teacher as you continue down this path.

Below is a brief synopsis about the lessons I teach:
There will be very little music theory. I never needed much of it to write my own music, other than a few basic theories to get around successfully, so it’s not something we’ll spend a whole lot of time on. I have organized and constructed a course book to keep things lively and moving along efficiently. I call it NOTEbOOK. It’s also great refresher material to revisit in the future.
I teach basic guitar with accented professional appeal and rhythmic structure. My intention is to guide you to create your own original music using straightforward techniques. My goal, once we part ways, is for you to leave with an original song and be equipped to write on your own.
For our lessons, you will need: a pen or pencil, a notebook (or computer), guitar tuner and an acoustic guitar. It could be electric if you have a small amp.
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