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Pro Audio, Keyboards & MIDI, Technology, Amplifiers & Effects, Keyboards, Guitar, Folk & Traditional Instruments, Electronic Wind Instruments

Favorite Bands

Radiohead, Mort Garson, Jerry Paper, Sufjan Stevens, Haruomi Hosono, Helado Negro, Stevie Wonder, MF Doom, Big Thief, James Blake, Michael McDonald

Favorite Instruments

Vintage Moog Synths, Therimin, Keytar

Musical Interests

Plunderphonics, Polyrhythms, Jazz, Bossa Nova


Senior Sales Associate

About Me


My name is Matthew Blubaugh, and I've had a passion for music since the age of eight. I joined Music and Arts in the fall of 2017.

I graduated from Temple University's School of Communication with a focus in Audio Production, and am well versed in the science and witchcraft of capturing live sound. I enjoy creating, and recording music from my apartment, where I have built my own portable recording studio. I also dabble in the production, construction, and shooting of multi-media movies with my friends.

My main squeeze is the piano, which I've played for over twenty years. In addition, I play the guitar, ukulele, and will drool over any synth placed in front of me.


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