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Nate here;
I am a fellow music passion-ista and Senior Sales Associate here at Music and Arts! I have been playing guitar for around 10 years, but have been playing music for longer. Some of my favorite classes have been Music Theory, Aural Training, and Songwriting. Although guitar is my main instrument, I like to sing, play piano, and write songs. I believe we are all musicians at heart so discovery of this mode of expression is incredibly important to me. I also know how frustrating it can be when first beginning to learn an instrument and how you can go through periods of not feeling inspired and plateauing and then on the other hand finding the most inspiration and healing in life from taking part in music . I think the key to this is finding this bliss is to find an instrument perfected suited to a player, because I think that is often what makes or breaks a player early on. I am here to help guide you on that journey of discovery!
Outside of the store I like to find time to shred these beautiful Colorado Mountains.

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